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Messi and Mbappe to face each other in the World Cup Final

Argentina and France will now face each other in the FIFA World Cup Final on 18th December 2022.

As the days go by, FIFA World Cup is also coming to an end. After a long tournament, it has all come down to the last two teams, the last two best teams. It will be Lionel Messi’s Argentina facing Kylian Mbappe’s France in the World Cup final. On Wednesday, Argentina beat Croatia 3-0 eliminating them from the World Cup. On Thursday, France beat the super underdogs Morocco 2-0 to eliminate them. Messi has somehow managed to take his team through the finals.

Even after elimination, Morocco is receiving immense support from around the world because of their heart winning gameplay throughout the tournament. Emmanuel Macron, President of France also reportedly visited Morocco’s locker room to praise the teams for such impressive journey.

Messi’s last World Cup?

According to reports, Lionel Messi has said that the 2022 FIFA World Cup championship game will be his final match for Argentina. Argentina defeated Croatia 3-0 on Wednesday in the first semi-final, with goals from Messi, who also assisted on the third. Messi, who has five goals in the competition so far, has now scored more goals in World Cups than anybody else.

This is a happy and sad feeling both for Messi fans. Winning the World Cup will be the perfect retirement for the star. In a country like Argentina, where poverty is currently of 40%, people are still celebrating Messi’s achievement even after there existing hardships. This shows how much a sport can mean to people even if they are suffering from so much!

Head to Head Final.

However, it will not be easy for the star to win the World Cup, because he will be facing France. France is currently the Defending Champions of the World Cup. The way France has been playing, it clearly plans to remain champions yet again. France’s secret weapon Kylian Mbappe is all well rested and ready for the final. The 23 year old is currently head to head with Lionel Messi in terms of number of goals scored in the tournament. The France team also features some other great players like the goalkeeper Lloris, Dembele, Griezmann and Coman.

So we can easily say that the final will not be easy for either of teams.

Do you think Messi can achieve his retirement gift or will France manage to keep what’s there’s?

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