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Reusable water bottles contain more bacteria than a toilet seat.

According to a recent study, reusable water bottles contain 40,000 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Gram-negative rods and bacillus are the bacteria's found.

According to a study, toilet seats have 40,000 times fewer bacteria than reusable water bottles.

According to the study, among the three bottle types examined, squeeze-top bottles are the cleanest. Reusable bottles can contain over 40,000 times more bacteria than the typical toilet seat, according to a recent research.

Two species of bacteria, gram-negative rods and bacillus, were discovered. When a team of researchers swabbed three times each the spout lid, screw-top lid, stray lid, and squeeze-top lid of water bottles.

According to their study, some bacillus species might cause gastrointestinal problems. Whilst, gram-negative bacteria can cause infections that are becoming more difficult to treat with medications. According to their comparison of the cleanliness of the bottles to other household items, they can harbor twice as many germs as a computer mouse. Four times as many as a kitchen sink, and fourteen times more than a pet’s water bowl.

Is there a need to stop using reusable water bottles?

Dr. Simon Clarke, a microbiologist at the University of Reading, stated that while bottles might be a breeding ground for plenty of germs. However, using them is not always harmful. “I’ve never heard of a water bottle making someone ill. The same is true for taps; when was the last time you heard of someone getting sick after pouring a drink of water from one? The bacteria that people already have in their mouths would undoubtedly contaminate water bottles, “said Mr. Clarke.

A tenth as many bacteria were found in squeeze-top bottles as in screw-top or straw-fitted bottles. Which make them the cleanest of the three examined bottle types, according to the study. The researchers advised sterilizing and rinsing reusable bottles at least once a week with hot, soapy water.

After the research, it seems there is no serious danger to anyone using reusable water bottles. As long as you are cleaning them once to twice a week correctly, you are fine.

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