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Scientists Revive 48,500 Years Old Zombie Virus.

French Scientists revive 48,500 years old virus from Russia's Siberia. The virus was lying dead because of permafrost.

Just as we are recovering from the Coronavirus pandemic, there is something new to worry about. Scientists have recovered a 48,500 years old virus from permafrost in Russia. The virus’s name is “Pandora Virus” AKA “Zombie Virus”

Scientists fear that the new virus poses potential threat on the human life and overall health. Scientists from the French National Centre for Scientific Research have found 13 viruses in Russia. These viruses are in permafrost but because of climate change, they can revive.

The main reason which worries us the most is climate change. With global warming happening and global temperatures rising, the permanently frozen viruses are again coming back alive. These ancient viruses pose a serious threat to human kind.

The immunities of people have reduced because of the Covid-19 pandemic. With post recovery complications, the Covid-19 virus still has its issues. Also, we still don’t know the long term setbacks of Covid-19 yet.

Therefore, the threat of ancient viruses reviving and indicating potential epidemics is not a good sign.

The Actual Study:

According to Science Alert, the amoeba virus is actually one of 13 in a recent study that is presently in publication. It was discovered underneath a lake.
Based on its size and the frozen soil it was discovered in, the revived virus has been given the name Pandoravirus yedoma. The study describing its finding is on bioRxiv but has not yet undergone peer review.
In addition to the “zombie virus,” Siberian wolf intestines and wool from a mammoth have also been discovered beneath permafrost.
According to scientists, the increased rate at which large swaths of ice are melting is causing an increase in the amount of microorganisms that are being discharged into the environment. They have cautioned that these bacteria may include diseases that could be hazardous.


As it turns out, Global Warming will have much more dangerous outcomes than we expect. Therefore, it is important that we do our bits to help in slowing down Climate Change. It is also very important to keep our health good and immunity high. Good immunity will only help us fight dangerous health hazards we might face in the future.

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