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WHO Warns Measles is “An Imminent Global Threat”

World Health Organisation (WHO) warns that more than 40 million children are at risk of getting the Measles Virus in India.

As the world is slowly recovering from the “Coronavirus Pandemic”, there is a new risk out there. This time, children are at the maximum risk. WHO has warned about the Measles virus outbreak in the world and why it should not be taken lightly.

WHO has deemed the same as a “Global Imminent Threat”. According to WHO, the reason is the constant and steady decline in the coverage of measles vaccine since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

According to WHO and United States Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Covid-19 is to blame for the Measles outbreak. Because of Covid-19, the authorities have shifted their focus from measles and approximately 25 million children have missed their first shot of measles vaccine.

What is Measles?

Measles, also known as Rubeola can spread very easily and quickly among children. It can be very serious in terms of health and in some case, it can even be fatal. The fatality rate however has come down over the years, it is again becoming an issue. The symptoms of Measles can include; High Fever (upto 105° F), dry cough, running nose, skin rashes. Measles can be prevented with the help of a vaccine, one should take extra care if suffering from the same.

Only 81% children receive their first measles vaccine shot and only 71% children receive their second shot. This is a big issue as measles can not only target the child suffering from it but also around him/her.

Status in India:

In India, currently Mumbai is facing a very serious Measles outbreak as it has claimed lives of 13 children already. Many other children are suffering from Measles and many in danger as it is a highly contagious virus. Infection from a virus which affects the respiratory system of the body is itself very dangerous for children. The recovery takes its own time and affects the immunity of the child in the long run.

3 other states in India are facing a serious measles outbreak which are Ranchi, Ahmedabad and Malappuram. The centre has rushed three high-level teams to these states on 23rd November in order to control the outbreak.

Please make sure to vaccinate your child with the Measles Vaccine.

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