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AIIMS Delhi to start robotics training for Surgical Expertise.

The greatest possible simulation and lab training in robotic-assisted surgery would be given to surgeons by India Medtronic Private Limited.

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi has announced that its cutting-edge robotics training facility would open on May 2 in an effort to give doctors the best training possible in robotic-assisted surgery.

The facility will begin operation on May 2 at the convergence block, wet lab, and SET (skills, e-learning, telemedicine) facility.

“India Medtronic Private Limited is a partner in this. This institute will offer surgeons the greatest possible training in robotic-assisted surgery, including wet lab and simulation training. The collaboration to establish a robotic training facility in any government or public entity is the first of its type, according to a statement from the hospital.

It went on to say that such training is essential for surgeons and will open the door to providing patients with more advantages and surgical options.

In order to train physicians nationwide and increase access to the advantages of robotic-assisted surgery, the alliance combines cutting-edge technology and decades of surgical experience. The statement said, “Training and education on cutting-edge technologies like robotics are crucial for surgeons and will pave the path for the entire healthcare fraternity towards providing greater benefits and surgical solutions to patients.

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Robotics in AIIMS, good idea or bad?

We have already seen in 2023 that Artificial Intelligence is already entering in almost all field in the World. However, the health and medicine industry is different. In the longer run, artificial intelligence and robotics might enter all the other field but health is different.

Lives are at stake in the health industry. So it is important that humans still remain the main priority to perform medical procedures as nothing beats the human touch. Robotics should only assist humans in smaller less complex tasks which can help in saving time as that is critical in the health industry.

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