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Air Violations by China cause IAF to Scramble Jets.

Over the past few weeks, Indian Air force had to scramble jets over Arunachal Pradesh to handle air violations by Chinese aircrafts.

According to sources, the Indian Aviation Force has begun aggressive combat patrols over Arunachal Pradesh. This is after spotting “increased Chinese air activity.” In the last several weeks, they acknowledge, fighter jets had to be launched “two or three times” to stop China. These air violations could potentially lead to something serious if IAF did not take care of it.

Chinese drones had pushed very aggressively towards Indian positions on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Arunachal Pradesh. This is before to the recent clash between India and China in the Yangtse area close to Tawang. Thus, leading the Indian Air Force to scramble its fighter aircraft stationed in the area.

In relation to disputes in the Yangtse at Holydip and Parikrama on the LAC, the Chinese side is constantly challenging Indian positions. The Chinese military has also been acting violently.

What does Defence sources say?

According to sources, “In the last few weeks, there have been two to three occasions where our fighter jets had to be scrambled. To tackle the Chinese drones moving towards our positions on the LAC. The Su-30MKI jets had to be scrambled to tackle the air violation threat.”

Chinese drone activity near the LAC in the northeast is closely monitored by the Indian Air Force. Drones or any other aircraft cannot make any kind of air violations, they implied, so action must be taken.

Indian Air Force’s Revert on the same:

The Indian Air Force is well-represented in the northeast. With squadrons of Su-30 fighter jets at numerous sites, including Tezpur and Chhabua in Assam.

At Hashimara in West Bengal, the Rafale combat jets are also stationed fairly near by.

The S-400 air defence system is now active in the Assam sector. The Indian Air is also improving the area’s air defence coverage. Almost the entire region can be protected from any aircraft danger using the technique.

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