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IPL 2023: Is this MS Dhoni’s last tournament?

As MS Dhoni gears up for IPL 2023, is is safe to say that this will be his final tournament before retiring from all forms of the sport?

MS Dhoni, one of the greatest cricketers of all time, has excelled in the Indian Premier League as both a player and a leader. Dhoni took over as the captain of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) for the first time in 2008 after being selected as the franchise’s star player in the opening sale. Prior to the commencement of the IPL 2023 season, Dhoni stood side by side with the other franchise captains in the 16th edition of the Twenty20 league.

For a player to compete at the highest level for 15 years is extremely challenging. Dhoni has accomplished this not only as a wicket-keeper batter but also as one of the most effective league captains ever.

Let’s take a look at Dhoni’s first IPL picture to today’s IPL 2023 picture:

Will Dhoni play in the first match of the tournament?

Dhoni’s fitness for the opening game against Gujarat Titans is still somewhat in doubt. Due to a knee injury he had suffered during a training exercise in Chennai, the 41-year-old was unable to bat at the nets on Thursday, casting doubt on his ability to play in the first game of the tournament.

Kasi Vishwanathan, the team’s CEO, however, declared: “As far as I am concerned, Dhoni will play 100%.” But Pandya hopes that the real “Captain Cool” plays because he would adore to compete with him in wit.

Dhoni is very familiar with the formula for IPL success from his playing in each IPL. There have been a few slip-ups, like the time they missed the playoffs last year, but even when one is asleep, one can testify that the planning was sound but the implementation fell short of expectations.

Dhoni may very well become the “Impact Player” if necessary during pursuits because he manages his resources carefully and thoughtfully.

Playing the first match or not, this will probably be the finisher’s last tournament. Dhoni fans are definitely in for a bitter-sweet ending. However, for now, fans can relax and enjoy the tournament.

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