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Nuclear Bombers deployed by Russia near NATO border

Russia has deployed eleven bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons just a few kilometres from its border with a NATO country.

Nuclear Attack On Europe: Vladimir Putin has deployed 11 nuclear bombers on the Finland-Norway border. British newspaper ‘The Mirror’ has made this claim on the basis of satellite images. The US and European countries allege that Putin’s military general is plotting nuclear attacks on Western countries, especially European countries. The claim of European countries also becomes important because Putin and the Russian Defence Minister have implied that Russia can go to any extent to protect itself.

A satellite image taken on October 7 shows seven Tu-160 bombers and four Tu-95 aircraft at the Russian air base Olenya on the Kolskyi Peninsula, The Sun reports.

Two days later, another image showed one of the Tu-160 bombers ready to take off on the runway.

Tu-160s, the largest and heaviest Mach 2 warplanes ever made, are capable of flying 12,070 kilometres non-stop without refuelling. They can carry up to 12 short-range nuclear missiles.

Eye on Olenya Air Base

According to the report, on the orders of Putin, 11 Tu-160 nuclear bombers have been deployed at Russia’s Olenya Air Base. In addition, 4 Tu-95s have been deployed at the Kola airbase. Norway’s fact-checking website Faktisk.no has also confirmed this: “Satellite images show 11 strategic bombers 20 miles from Norway” it said.

Two weeks ago Israeli newspaper ‘Jerusalem Post’ also said that there was a big stir at Olenya Air Base. Later Israel’s intelligence agency ‘Image Set’ also confirmed this.

Why the suspicion of nuclear attack?

The possibility of a nuclear attack on Europe is also increasing because Russia’s nuclear bombers are usually stationed at Engel’s air base, 450 km from Moscow. Now they have been removed from there and brought to the border of Finland and Norway.

At the moment it is not clear whether these nuclear bombers have been fitted with nuclear or conventional weapons. This is because they can be used for both types of weapons.

According to the report, as of August 12, there was no nuclear bomber at the Olenya Air Base. Now there are 12 bombers.



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