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28 Meitei BJP MLAs meet Rajnath Singh and Nirmala Sitharaman

A group of 28 BJP MLAs belonging to the Meitei community met defense minister Rajanth Singh and finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman in New Delhi on Monday. The group led by Speaker T Satyabrata Singh had docked a day earlier.

Sabhyarta Singh said, “We are here to apprise our leadership of the situation in Manipur. We met Rajnath Singh in the morning and discussed the ongoing violence and sought a resolution of the crisis from the center.”

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They met Sithararaman in the evening. The legislators have sought a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and home minister Amit Shah. With Modi set to go abroad, they are likely to meet only the Shah.

Manipur has been on the abscess for over a month, with the valley inhabiting Meitis and hill colonizing Kukis immersed in several conflicts in both regions.

BJP MLA Rajkumar Imo Singh, who is part of the delegation, posted on social media, “The situation currently is grim, but normalcy will return and our visit is to help in restoring normalcy,” Singh said. “It’s a confrontation with an illegally armed insurgent and foreign-armed militia who are waging war against the state and Centre.”

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