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Haryana Nuh Violence: Paramilitary Forces Undertake Flag March in Nuh Amid Curfew; Internet Services to Remain Suspended until August 5

In the wake of recent incidents of violence in Haryana’s Nuh district, paramilitary forces have conducted a flag march to restore peace and order. The situation has prompted authorities to impose a curfew in the region to prevent further unrest. As part of the security measures, internet services in Nuh have been suspended until August 5. This article provides live updates on the current scenario and the measures being taken to address the situation.

Paramilitary Forces Flag March in Haryana

The deployment of paramilitary forces and their flag march through the streets of Nuh aims to instill confidence among the local residents and deter any potential troublemakers. The presence of these forces sends a strong signal that the authorities are committed to restoring peace and ensuring the safety of the people.

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Curfew Imposed in Nuh

To maintain law and order, local authorities have imposed a curfew in Nuh district. A curfew restricts the movement of people and vehicles, except for essential services, during specific hours. By enforcing a curfew, the administration aims to prevent any further escalation of violence and maintain stability in the region.

Internet Services Suspension

The decision to shut down internet services in Nuh until August 5 is a crucial step to prevent the spread of misinformation and rumors that can exacerbate the tense situation. Although internet shutdowns are disruptive, they are sometimes necessary to curb the spread of inflammatory content and restore calm in the affected area.

Appeal for Calm

Authorities and community leaders have made fervent appeals for calm and cooperation during these challenging times. Peaceful dialogue and understanding are essential to resolving issues and fostering communal harmony. It is crucial for citizens to come together and promote peace, regardless of any differences that may exist.

Community Involvement in Restoring Normalcy

Amid the curfew and heightened security measures, community involvement plays a vital role in restoring normalcy. By cooperating with the authorities, reporting any suspicious activities, and adhering to the curfew guidelines, residents can contribute significantly to the efforts of restoring peace in Nuh.


The recent violence in Haryana’s Nuh district has prompted a flag march by paramilitary forces to restore peace and maintain law and order. The curfew and internet shutdown until August 5 have been implemented to prevent further unrest and misinformation. In this critical time, community cooperation and understanding are essential to restore calm and normalcy. The authorities and citizens must work hand in hand to address the root causes of the violence and ensure a safe and secure environment for everyone. Let us unite in peace and harmony for the greater good of the community.

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