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Modi’s prophecy of opposition bringing a no-confidence motion comes true

The opposition parties of the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA) bloc decided to move a no-confidence motion against the BJP government on Tuesday, with a focus on the northeastern state in an attempt to force PM Narendra Modi to speak on the Manipur strife that has brought the monsoon session to a standstill.

The interesting part is that five years back, Modi had himself made a prediction about the opposition bringing a no-confidence motion in 2023.

On February 7, 2019, during his address in Lok Sabha prior to the 2019 general elections, Modi had anticipated that the opposition would bring a no-confidence motion.

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Statement of PM Modi

Modi said, “I hope the opposition prepares itself well enough to bring a no-confidence motion in 2023.”

“Arrogance is when a party gets reduced from 400 to 40. On the contrary, our dedication towards country took BJP from 2 to absolute majority,” said Modi when someone from the opposition countered him by saying that he was being arrogant by saying so.

The senior leaders on the front said, INDIA, the alliance of 26 opposition parties, has decided to move the motion in order to make Modi speak in Parliament on the Manipur violence.

The Congress also issued a whip in the Lower House of the Parliament for its members to be present in its parliamentary office by 10.30 am on Wednesday to ” discuss some important issues.”

Although the no-confidence motion by opposition parties is bound to fail the numbers test, opposition parties argue that they will win the battle of perception by cornering the government on the Manipur issue during the debate.

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