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Neeraj Bawana Gang Threatens To Avenge Sidhu Moosewala’s Death Says ‘Will Give Results In 2 Days’

Days after Punjabi vocalist Sidhu Moose Wala was given dead, a web-based entertainment post by a handle connected to criminal Neeraj Bawana has undermined a retaliatory assault.

A Facebook story by the handle says “Sidhu Moose Wala was heart, sibling. Will give an outcome in two days.”

The post has been shared by a handle named after Bawana.

The post labels Neeraj Bawana, who faces a few instances of homicide and payment and is right now in Tihar prison, his partner Tillu Tajpuriya and criminal Davinder Bambiha, likewise in prison.

While not satisfactory composed the post, it is being connected to Neeraj Bawana, whose assistants are spread across Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan.

The Facebook post comes two days after one more such post set up by a handle named after Bhuppi Rana, likewise an individual from the Neeraj Bawana pack.

The post said the homicide of Moose Wala was a “lamentable” episode and proceeds to hammer criminal Lawrence Bishnoi and his helper Goldy Brar, who are key suspects in the killing.

An unsubstantiated record by the name of “Lawrence Bishnoi Grp” had posted after Moose Wala’s homicide that it was a retribution for the killing of Youth Akali Dal pioneer Vikramjit Singh, otherwise called Vicky Middukhera. Middukhera was shot furthest behind year and the Bambiha posse had guaranteed liability.

The post by the Bhuppi Rana handle said the Bishnoi groups has erroneously affirmed that Moose Wala had helped in the killings of Middukhera and Punjab understudy pioneer Gurlal Bara.

“Sidhu Moose Wala assumed no part in these killings. We are making it understood, each individual who has helped in Sidhu Moose Wala’s homicide will be represented. His demise will be retaliated for very soon. We will constantly uphold his loved ones,” the post said.

NDTV has revealed that the security for Bishnoi has been brought up in Tihar prison. Bishnoi has gone to court in a bid to prevent the Punjab Police from accepting him with them as he fears he would be killed in an “experience”.

His legal counselor has denied his inclusion and addressed: “How might such a tremendous homicide connivance be arranged from prison?”

The Punjab police has said it suspects pack contention behind Moose Wala’s killing. Examination has uncovered that Goldy Brar, who is in Canada, was in contact with somebody inside Tihar prison.



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