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20 year old dies after being hit and dragged by a car in Delhi.

A 20 year old girl was on her scooty when a car hit her and her dragged her body for 4 Kilometers.

As we enter the New Year, there is already a horrifying news right on the first day. In the early hours of Sunday, a 20-year-old female was killed in Delhi after a car struck her scooter and dragged her approximately 4 kilometres, from Sultanpuri to Kanjhawala. Nearly an hour later, according to police, the body was discovered.

Anjali Singh, the woman, was an event planner who was returning from her job, according to the police.

There were five guys in the car, according to the police, who have all been taken into custody. The accused reportedly took the woman’s body from beneath the car after the event and then left the scene, according to the police.

What happened to the suspects in car?

The five men have been identified as Manoj Mittal (27), a ration dealer in Sultanpuri, Deepak Khanna (26), a driver for Gramin Sewa, Amit Khanna (25), a nationalised bank employee in Uttam Nagar, Krishan (27), a former employee of the Spanish Culture Centre in Connaught Place, Mithun (26), a hairdresser at a salon.

They were arrested for reckless driving and causing a fatality via negligence. Police are looking into whether the suspect stopped to assist the victim despite being aware that she was being dragged.

The suspects admitted to the police that they visited Murthal on New Year’s Eve but left quickly because it was too crowded. “They claimed to have been returning home when the scooter was struck by the car. They say that they believed the woman had left after the collision and gotten up. The driver stated that the accident occurred because the lane was too small. They claimed that after travelling almost 4 km, they noticed something dragging beneath the vehicle and got out. Her legs became tangled in the back tyre. According to an officer, her back’s skin was completely scraped.

CM of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal also tweeted about the matter:

This is a very horrifying news and that too on the first day of the year itself. The victim was just a 20 year old who was returning from work. The police’s investigation also is underway currently. Let’s hope that the accused get punished for their wrong doing.

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