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Dream 11: Fines on employees who contact colleagues who are on leave.

In an historic decision, dream 11 to fine Rs. 1 Lakhs on employees if they contact colleagues who are on an approved leave.

Imagine that you are on vacation this week and haven’t received a single call or text from the office. Having trouble processing it? You are not alone, though. While it may seem impossible, Dream 11 is making efforts to ensure that its staff can really enjoy days off.

Additionally, if the employee receives a call, there is a fine. Say what? Oh, you did read that correctly. For all of its employees, the fantasy sports platform Dream11 has implemented the “Dream11 Unplug” policy to aid in their ability to unwind, rejuvenate, and relax while on leave. This rule will permit the person to avoid communicating with other people via chats, emails, and other groups.

Company’s Statement:

“At Dream11, we really log off the ‘Dreamster,’ who is unplugged, off from every potential Stadium communication medium, be it slack, emails, or even WhatsApp groups,” the company claimed in a statement that was published in February of last year on Linkedin. We do this to make sure that no one from the Dreamster’s working environment can get in touch with them while they are enjoying their well-earned vacation.

“Once a year, for one week, you’re off the [company] system … you don’t have Slack, emails and calls.” Talking about the hefty fine, Mr Jain said, “Anyone who reaches out to another employee during “unplug” time has to pay a fine of about $1,200 [1 lakh approx]”. The statement is by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Seth, co-founders of the company

How do Employees feel about the same?

According to reports, employees are happy with the new business policy. “One of the biggest benefits is the ability to unsubscribe from any corporate networks and groups. For seven days, we are not troubled by work calls, emails, messages, or even WhatsApp. This enables us to spend time doing the things we love. It’s time for me to go to the mountains, too. For my part, I don’t feel bad about not having a big enough network. It is the most recognizable method of disconnecting. This downtime also aids in relaxation and rejuvenation, enabling one to return feeling energized and happy and performing at one’s peak ability “An employee of Dream 11 commented.

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