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‘Look for a suitable girl for Rahul Gandhi,’ Sonia Gandhi tells Haryana woman

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, his mother and former party president Sonia Gandhi, his sister, and party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi met a group of women farmers from Haryana as a part of an outreach initiative. In a fun banter between them, the women farmers freewheelingly asked Sonia Gandhi to get Rahul Gandhi married. To which, she replied, “You find a girl for him.” Further, Rahul said, “It will happen”.

Rahul shared a glimpse of the meeting on social media which was held at a luncheon organized by Sonia Gandhi at her residence.

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Rahul Gandhi’s tweet

“A day to remember for Maa, Priyanka, and me with some very special guests! Delhi darshan of Sonipat’s farmer sisters, dinner with them at home, and lots of fun things to do. Got priceless gifts together – desi ghee, sweet lassi, homemade pickles, and lots of love,” he said, sharing a montage from the meet-up.

The Congress leader had earlier visited Haryana’s Sonipat during his flagship Bharat Jodo Yatra, where he promised a group of women farmers to arrange a Delhi darshan for them and lunch at his house.

“Rahul Gandhi had promised to take the farmer sisters of Sonipat to Delhi. Farmer sisters came to Delhi, the promise was fulfilled,” the Congress said on Twitter.

In another portion of the clip, Priyanka Gandhi was heard saying ‘Rahul was naughtier than her, but she got the scolding instead’. 

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