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​Former Bengal CM’s Daughter to Undergo Sex-Change Surgery.

The former Bengal CM’s daughter has identified as a “transman” and said she will soon have sex reassignment surgery (SRS). Her father is Buddhadeb Bhattacharya former CM of West Bengal. An image of Bengal CM’s Daughter, Suchetana, speaking at a symposium on the livelihood of the community was posted on social media by LGBTQ activist Suprava Roy, who initially brought attention to the issue.

Roy claims that Suchetana, former Bengal CM’s daughter identified as a “transman” during the symposium and stated that “he” will go by the name “Suchetan” following sex-change surgery. Later, Suchetana told a part of the media that the post was authentic and that she had made the decision on her own as an adult after turning 41.

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Former Bengal CM’s Daughter urges people not to mix her family with her Identity:

She also urged with the public to avoid mixing her familial identity with her own. In addition, Suchetana stated that she had taken the proper legal action prior to the surgery. Ushashie Chakrabiorty, an actress and rights advocate who spoke at the symposium, told IANS that it is difficult for someone like Suchetana, whose father served as the state’s former chief minister, to come out so bravely and make such an announcement.

“I believe Suchetana’s courageous action will inspire many people to speak up and express their emotions. Opening up causes fear in many people. The social movement on this topic will grow stronger as more individuals speak up. The actions of individuals like Suchetana would undoubtedly have a significant influence on society, Chakrabiorty said IANS. Kaushik Gupta, a senior attorney at the Calcutta High Court and a well-known LGBTQ activist in Kolkata, concurred with Chakraborty on this issue.

In India, members of the LGBTQ community still face a lot of issues which include the non-support from family and friends. Another issue that the community faces is having legal rights. A lot of legal rights are denied to the members of the LGBTQ community simply because the choice of their sexuality. Suchetana’s actions might bring a positive change and inspiration in the lives of people belonging to the LGBTQ community.

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